Fuuinjutsu Example

Fuuinjutsu Example


The Yamamoto Family is a nomadic family which originated in Sunagakure, and has been standing strong for decades. The original founder of the clan which established the name was a man named Koji Yamamoto. A man which created the legend as it is today. 

Now, it's becoming more notable in other regions due to the ninja known as Daichi Yamamoto which now resides in the village Hikagakure. Another notable face is his father; Mitsuo Yamamoto.

Notable Characteristics

The Yamamoto Family is known for their very powerful fuuinjutsu techniques, as well as their ninjutsu. They are also known to be the main nomadic family of Sunagakure for a long time. The clan's older ninja usually have various tattoos along their body, which have been explained to be seals for their techniques. They are usually requested to attend meetings, and jury duty for cases. This is due to their great wisdom and moralistic values that they exercise everyday. 


The clan holds ability to manifest a unique style called; "Yamamoto Style". This is the conjunction of both Fuuinjutsu and Ninjutsu to create stronger ninjutsu attacks. The clan is usually very potent with their primary element, hence why they usually stick to one instead of multiple. Another notable feature is the ability to manifest the "Yamamoto Style Activation" which has been noted to vary between users to hold different attributes and every adult ninja; "Chuunin" reaches a stage where they can create their own.