Team Yaso, otherwise known as Squad 1, is one of Hikagakure's shinobi squads. The original team was Asami Saotome and Tatsumoto Kirasuki, and their leader, Yaso Pon'Biki. Soon after, however, Tatsumoto was seldom seen around the village, and so was deemed inactive, leaving only one genin in the squad. Following the exile of Dosu Kinabi, the squads were reworked. Two new shinobi were added - Eien Maboroshi and Takuro Nishimura - to form the current squad. After a time, also Takuro Nishimura showed a habit of being absent, and following the death of Hitake Kobayashi, Kokoro Resu was moved into the squad.


Coming Shipment
  • Rank: D-Rank
  • Status: Success

The original Squad 1 was assigned to help Captain Yujen move imported goods and rations off his ship. The mission was completed without much difficulty, although it forced the two genin to work together in order to succeed.