Team 2
  • Squad Leader Nii'gata RinGo to Nii'gata Rin's page
  • Squad Member Nakai YusukeGo to Nakai Yusuke's page
  • Deceased Squad Member Lukelia NoraGo to Lukelia Nora's page
  • Squad Member Saru YakuGo to Saru Yaku's page
Team Info
Leaders Rin Nii'gata
Members Yusuke Nakai
Masakaki Nii'gata
Nora Lukelia (Deceased)
Yaku Saru
Affiliations Hikagakure

Team 2 is a team led by Rin Nii'gata and was formed after the members became genin and became affiliated with Hikagakure. The original squad was made up of members Masakaki Nii'gata, Yusuke Nakai, and Nora Lukelia. Ryukou Keimaru was added as Nora's replacement. Kazumi Rei and Sono Takai were added to the squad afterward due to a shortage of Jōnin squad leaders. After Ryukou, Kazumi, and Sono were moved to other squads following Dosu Kinabi's return to the village, Yaku Saru was added to the squad.