Rin's shinobi skills can be considered to be moderate to high for his ranking as a Jōnin. He possesses above-average Taijutsu skills, as well as average Jōnin-level Ninjutsu. Rin's natural skills gained through his upbringing are also above average for Jōnin. On top of his Taijutsu skills, Rin possesses impressive raw strength and stamina. The extent of his jutsu arsenal is unknown, though because of his clan, it could be speculated that it is populated primarily by Scale or Fire-related techniques. He also has knowledge on Fuuinjutsu and Nintaijutsu, which is his primary form of offense and defense due to the nature of his abilities.


Rin holds noteworthy skill in taijutsu and the field remains as one of his strongest. During his time in the Nii'gata clan grounds, Rin was a fierce competitor in spars. Under the various mentor figures he had in his childhood, he developed a variation of a fighting style that strongly resembles Krav Maga, though his variation is much more aggressive and brutal. Rin has grown to be quite knowledgeable on many martial arts, and has incorporated multiple styles into his own, such as Judo. On top of Rin's learned skills in Taijutsu, he also has a natural ability to divide his mind between multiple tasks, which allows him to keep up with multiple enemies at the same time and is very helpful for staying aware in group combat.


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Rin is a practitioner of kinesthetic learning and learns through experiencing a lesson in practice and doing things himself rather than through lectures. Rin is also very talented in seeing underneath the underneath, which his natural skills in observation can be credited with. These traits are demonstration best when learned about moulding chakra and consumption simply through usage. Since the Nii'gata have been shut off from all communication with the world outside of their community that is hidden behind the farthest mountains of the continent, Rin had never learned the basic concepts of chakra. He determined that his physical energy and spiritual energies were mixed and released whenever he used the techniques that he learned as a Nii'gata, and that a very specific ratio of physical and spiritual energy is needed to prevent losing energy.

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Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand Seals Total
First 2 3 1 3 3.5 3.5 3 2 21

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Databook Strength Endurance Agility Intelligence Willpower Total
First 175 160 220 110 100 765