Land of Dragons

The Land of Dragons (竜の国, Ryū no Kuni) is home to the Nii'gata clan. It is located north-west of the Land of Earth and is not recognized as a legitimate country. It's land has yet to be charted by anybody outside of it's residents. Its government leader is the clan leader, Taiyu Nii'gata, who resides at the top of Mount Iki at all times. Although it is located in a country known for it's desolate and unforgiving landscapes, beyond the mountains that surround the Land of Dragons, the lands are actually a mixture between forests, plains, and mountainous biomes.

The "Dragon's Tongue" (竜の舌, Ryū no shita) is a regional specialty of the Land of Dragons. The roots of the flower becomes incredibly spicy when fried, making it a favourite amongst the Nii'gata.

Mount IkiEdit

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Mount Iki

Mount Iki is a massive mountain located in the northernmost corner of the Earth Country. Mount Iki is where all carriers of the Nii'gata bloodline travel to after passing their Rite of passage to learn how to utilize their bloodline. The leader of the clan, Taiyu, resides on this mountain at all times and acts as the guidance for the new pure blooded.

The landscape around Mount Iki is notoriously treacherous. Massive chasms, large mountains, and incredibly dangerous wildlife surround the mountain. A large portion of the Nii'gata that do manage to survive their rite of passage and begin to travel to the mountain's peak never make it, further thinning out the already small number of survivors that learn from Taiyu.

The mountain itself is massive and towers over all those around it. At the very top sits a large compound made entirely from stone and clay, carved into the side of the mountain. The compound is where the aspiring carrier trains with Taiyu. Further up on the mountain sits another building that towers above the clouds and is almost always illuminated by the sun. This building is where the pure blooded Nii'gata meditates for weeks on end to unlock the Ryū no iki.