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Hidden Shade Village is set in a very heavily Naruto inspired world, in a alternative timeline and universe. The game takes place in the not yet recognized village of Hikagakure, meaning Village Hidden in the Shade. The entire premise of the game is to start out as a new shinobi moving to Hikagakure, and players will notice the map, the village and the lore slowly growing, and the players and admins will determine it's pace, and whether or not it reaches renown through their own efforts. The setting is meant to be somewhat empty because the players are meant to fill in the blanks and make their own story while simultaneously helping the village grow by succeeding in missions.

Game News and Updates
  • We've recently released a massive update! With Build 1.1.5, autumn has arrived, and so has Halloween. We've also finished the Day & Night system. Read more about that, and everything else concerning the update here!
  • Our forums are currently down because the webhost is doing maintenence, and so we are doing the same thing. HSV staff are focusing hard on readying the next (HUGE) update!
  • While Yaso has already left for his errand and come back a while ago, be sure to read about the next update here!

You Can Help!

That's right, you can help! This Wikia is in a generally completed state, but there are some pages that we missed or forgot! If you notice a page is missing, feel free to create the page for us and fill in some details. At the moment, Weapon, Jutsu, and Clan Infoboxes are under development, as are tutorials and guides for creating said pages. They will be done soon, so don't worry about those. If you're looking forward to creating a page for a weapon, jutsu, or clan, go ahead!

Useful Links and Pages
  • We have a special template for character pages as well! Head on over to the Character Template Help Page and acquire all of the needed information to create your own Character page!
  • Did you know that we have our own custom infobox template? Head on over to the Infobox Help page and learn everything you need to know to create your own character infobox!
  • Want to know what kind of custom Jutsu the game has to offer? Head on over to the Jutsu page and browse through the information!
  • If you want to keep up with all the latest updates to the game, head on over to the Announcements Forum!
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